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About me – The Travelling Cookie

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Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sail. Explore. Dream. Discover. –

Mark Twain could not have expressed my motto in life any better! I decided to create The Travelling Cookie because of this. We all need inspiration in our lives and what better way to get inspired than travelling. I am here to bring you inspiring stories through my travels. Provide you with resources to help you travel more and discover new destinations.

If you would like to travel but don’t know where to begin, you are in the right place. If you need to get some ideas and tips for your next travel destination, continue reading. If you need advice for anything travel related, get in touch with me.

I always loved to travel and get immersed in different cultures. Meet new people and try to experience what it is like to live in a particular country. I finally decided it was about time I took the LEAP into the somehow familiar, but yet largely unknown world of documenting my travels and my passion for exploration. I have not been to 199+ countries and 500 cities, but I have been around a bit. My list of visited places will hopefully grow, as will my Travel Blog.

Recording experiences through great photography and video that helps preserve these memories for many years to come!

Why am I doing this?

I believe that I have a lot of things to offer to you. Travel inspirations I’d like to share with you. Being passionate About me - The Travelling Cookieabout all things Travel is fantastic by itself, but being passionate about sharing your travel experiences so that others can benefit from your stories and expertise, is even more empowering! Being from Greece, I was naturally exposed to tourism from a very early age. I learned to anticipate other’s needs while on holiday and create meaningful and long-lasting memories for this short, precious time of their year. Although I won’t be a hard judge on places I visit, I will at least expect to come back with some long-lasting memories myself.

How will I achieve this?

By sharing my travel experiences across the globe with you, I can hopefully help you decide to take the Leap into the world of Travel. My recommendations of places I have already visited or about to visit will help organise your next travel adventure. Upon request, I will also be able to suggest trips based on your personality and what you would consider being a fulfilling travel experience!

My driving force – some of my very favourite things in life!

As this Travel Blog is an ongoing effort and an educational trip for me as well, you will see some changes in content along the way. Through your feedback, I will be able to alter some sections according to what works and what will be useful for you, the reader. Some of the content, however, is here to stay.


This section will be a permanent feature! Why I hear you say? Because having somewhere nice and comfortable to stay while you hop onto different places is one of the most essential elements and will only enhance your travel experience. You won’t see me much with a backpack strapped to my shoulders, (been there, done that when I was much younger), unless I really have to. I like indulging in the occasional luxury, but I am mostly about comfort, yet not out of this world hotel rates either. I created this section because I’m also a Hotel freak, having worked for many years in many fine establishments across the globe, (well, I also studied Hotel Management too – you can visit my section of Hotels here)!

Cafe society

Going to cafes is a big part of the Greek heritage in me. It is where you meet with friends to discuss anything and everything there is. Where your senses awake to the powerful cafe aroma. Where you start or finish your day. Where you can just chill and ponder or where you finish off this post! I will definitely be sharing cool, quaint, different, atmospheric Cafes that you shouldn’t miss out on!

Photo Essays

You know what they say..” a picture is worth 1000 words”! I couldn’t do this blog if I didn’t have a passion for photography! Capturing magnificent landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes or people and presenting them here is very motivational for me – so please, give me some feedback!

Places to eat

Although part of my professional training was in Catering, I am no expert on ‘fusion cuisine’ and have certainly not done a stint alongside the Gordon Ramsey’s of this world. If I enjoy a restaurant, taverna or street vendor, I will share it in in a fun, non-pretentious way.

Why “The Travelling Cookie”?

Ok, I admit it! I do have a sweet tooth. Among my favourite sweet cravings are Chocolate Chip Cookies. Is there a better way to nourish your soul other than Travelling? Now combine this with a great stash of delicious, soft Chocolate Chip Cookies! Can life get any better?

Summing it all up

Having lived on 3 continents and in 8 different cities across the world has given me a plethora of experiences. Not only have I become knowledgeable in dealing with various cultures, becoming one with local populations and learning how to handle everyday life. I have also learned that living as well as working in different places, offers you a much wider perspective of life itself and teaches you that, after all, we do live in a small world.

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Andonis Radistis

Some crazy facts about me:

Greece,(Skopelos Island, Athens),
United Kingdom,(Oxford, Buckinghamshire, Norfolk),
Middle East,(oh well..),
United States,(Boston-MA, Key West-FL)

9 different Hotels so far, most of them 5 star properties, among other jobs –>
Very proud to have worked in the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, (incredible-powerful-life-lasting experience)

Have also done a stint upon:
A Royal floating palace – another story altogether, (a life-altering experience)

I was extremely lucky and privileged to have carried the Olympic Flame during the ‘Olympic Torch Relay’ of ‘Athens 2004 – Olympic Games’.

About Me-The Travelling Cookie
Running with the Olympic Torch at the 2004-Athens Olympic Games

I ran my 500 meters as was each carrier’s allocated length of the run. I cannot describe the feeling of Running with the Flame.

Holding something so ancient and sacred. Being part of one of the most meaningful rituals that the western civilisation was founded upon.

The people applauding and cheering on the sides of the street as the whole team passed through the city. Passing on the flame to the next runner at the end of your run.

I could have carried on running forever!

Just like this one and quite a few others so far!

When I was 19 and Inter-railed Europe!

While driving in the M.East – no joke here! My cool kept me safe at the end.

Well,OK – Nurse sharks and Reef Sharks, but equally ‘thrilling’!

The Californian Pacific coast
Most of Florida – to the Southernmost Point – Key West
Drove across Europe from Greece to the U.K.
Portugal, (from Porto to Faro), and across to Southern Spain-Gibralta-Coast to Sierra Nevada and Madrid

Any roller-coaster – the worse the better for me! Some of my thrilling rides include the entire World Disney World in Florida and Alton Towers in the UK.

My World Travel Map