Stou Meithani-Places to eat in Athens

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Last updated on March 26th, 2018

stou meithani-athensStou Meithani – Athens

Athens is a great city for exploring culinary delights. There is such a huge variety of cuisines sprawled all over the city that it can quickly become overwhelming. It will never leave you with an empty stomach, however, and it will satisfy you no matter what your favourite food may be.

One of my joys when visiting Athens is to discover new places. Restaurants, cafes, wine or cocktail bars – my friends living there do a good job of keeping me updated. We usually visit at least one new restaurant or taverna per week. I will also try to find hidden coffee gems in different districts of Athens.

On my last visit there this month, my friend and I stumbled upon another such hidden gem. ‘Stou Meithani‘ is a sweet taverna in the very centre of Athens. We were heading towards a different direction when we passed outside this place. Its exterior wasn’t loud, so we had to walk back to it and make sure it was open.

Good vibes

The friendly staff greeted us upon entrance and we had a few choices of tables as well as different corners to eat. I was drawn towards the back of the taverna and the natural light that seemed to emanate from a skyline. This back room was a ‘T-shaped’ area and a great surprise indeed. We settled at a table where we could have a view towards most of the interior and towards the middle. It felt really good being here and the first smiles from the waiters were a great start.

The building itself dates back to the 18th century and was renovated to match its historic flair and match the style of an important artist who lived here, (Vlassis Canniaris – references of whom you can find here and here). It feels like you are sitting in someone’s backyard in old time Athens.

Stou Meithani-Athens – the food

Since the place is what we call in Greece a ‘mezedopolio‘, (meaning that you indulge in small portions different dishes of the menu, as well as regular portions), we opted to try some ‘mezes’.

We tried their ‘Stou Meidani – House salad‘ which was a huge portion and enough to be a main dish, (highly recommended). A portion of filo pastry ‘Pastourma‘ pie rolls, filled with ‘Graviera‘ Greek cheese, (to die for – I ended up stuffing myself with 3 out of the 4 rolls that came as a portion). A ‘Chicken Tigania’, finely cut chicken fillet cooked in their own sauce with red peppers, (and other ingredients too good to be mentioned here as spoilers). Last but not least, the Greek mix of “Kayiana’ eggs, (or also known as ‘strapatsada’). 

Their white house wine was very smooth and nicely complemented our food. Needless to say, we concluded with a complimentary portion of their sweet of the day, (a custom in many Greek tavernas), presented to us with the bill.

Summing it up

There is a big variety of food on the menu, ranging from ‘Grilled Meats’, ‘Fish’, and ‘Sea food-ouzo mezes’ to finely grilled diet meats and mouth-watering fresh-organic salads. Although we thought we did very well eating most of what we ordered, the place begs for many more visits.

Stou Meithani also offers live Greek music with some great musicians that we thoroughly enjoyed and did not find obtrusive at all while eating there.

You can visit their website and also see part of their menu here (in Greek only).

Where to find them

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