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Planet S.O.S.

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Last updated on January 8th, 2018

Proudly announcing the ‘Planet S.O.S.’ section

We do live in a very fragile environment. Our Home is literally hanging by a thread! There are so many species that are added to the ‘Endangered List’ on a daily basis that if we actually cared enough to absorb this info in our daily lives, we would be shocked – terrified!

The current ‘Endangered Species’ list numbers more than 3000 species. What is more frightening is that

according to ‘faunalytics‘ organisation we are loosing animal species more than 1000 times the ‘normal’ rate!

The ‘Living Planet Report‘ states that

Populations of vertebrate animals—such as mammals, birds, and fish—have declined by 58% between 1970 and 2012. And we’re seeing the largest drop in freshwater species: on average, there’s been a whopping 81% decline in that time period.

These are just some of the very few terrifying statistical facts of how we are treating our animals and Planet Earth. Yet, there is not much mention or dedicated real estate on any of the million travel blogs out there. This just doesn’t make much sense to me!

How can we publish a blog about Travel when all of our ‘travelling’ exists because of the Planet we call Earth? How can we not support organisations that are dedicated to Protecting, Rallying and Informing the masses about our animals and fragile, overexploited ecosystems?

This is the very reason I decided to give Planet S.O.S. a Top Spot on my travel blog. The top spot that it deserves because without the effort of all the different organisations dedicated to saving our planet – there wouldn’t be much reason to travel at all.

There would be no forests to explore, no mountains to conquer, no tropical fish to scuba dive for. No whale watching trips to boast about, no eagles to look up to. No seas to swim in and no Orangutans to compare human resemblance with..

Follow along with me in this section as I gradually introduce hugely respected organisations. By doing this I hope to at least ignite some sparks of awareness in all of us. An awareness of how dangerously close we stand to a global extinction of our species. A mass destruction of ecosystems is happening right now. Ecosystems that have survived through the millennia, but have now been overexploited or become extinct in our ‘Golden Age’ of progress and technological advancements.

This section is by no means a way to gain me anything at all! It is purely informative and will hopefully alarm some or all of you loyal readers out there to undertake more responsible travel! Everything we do on our daily lives can create a negative ecological footprint.

The more aware we are of our actions, the better the chances are of saving our Home – our Planet Earth!

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