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Last updated on January 8th, 2018

Life Gallery Athens – The chic boutique hotel

Before I even begin to write about this hotel, I need to confess that I have actually worked for this fine establishment. Although it has been more than a decade since I finished my stint there, the place has always reserved a sweet spot in my heart.

Located in the Northernmost suburb of Athens, Ekali, your stay there will be a rewarding experience. The notion of being surrounded by pine trees, quiet streets and serenity, while practically still being in Athens, is a rare phenomenon for this busy city. The area of Ekali is the most affluent of Athens, if not in Greece. Don’t let this discourage you from visiting and staying there, however. Luckily, the rates of this hotel do not live up to the area’s reputation.

Reaching the hotel

It is easily reached from the city centre, either by train and then bus or taxi. For a more direct and hustle-free, way I would certainly recommend hopping into a taxi. The ride will last about 20-30 minutes from Athens centre, whereas from Athens International Airport it will take a more direct route and last about 15 minutes.


First Impressions

The notion of being surrounded by pine trees, quite streets and serenity, while practically still being in Athens, is a rare phenomenon for this busy city.

The glass facade combined with the nature that surrounds the area create the zen feeling you are in desperate need of, after visiting a busy city centre like Athens

The Travelling Cookie-Hotels-Life Gallery Athens_Athens

Life Gallery Athens – the spaces

As soon as you reach the entrance, the architecture of this building will immediately greet you with a sense of calmness. Its modern, glass exterior tucked among the many pine trees, projects a pleasing air of well being. A harmony that has been achieved by a wonderful balance of urban architecture and modernity. The glass facade combined with the nature that surrounds the area create the zen feeling you are in desperate need of, after visiting the busy city centre of Athens. The Travelling Cookie-Hotels-Life Gallery Athens-Athens
From the outdoor swimming pool and the tastefully arranged relaxing corners to the exquisitely kept gardens and soft exterior neon lights in the evenings, Life Gallery Athens will win you over before you even step inside.


Being inside Life Gallery Athens

The minimalistic design around the Lobby area leaves no room for visual overload. Simple and smart at the same time, with soft grey colours that make you feel at home. The Front Office staff, polite, professional and discreet provide you with just enough information during the check-in process. They make you feel at home without being pretentious or overly polite.


The Rooms in Life Gallery Athens Hotel

No matter which type of room you book, (Deluxe, Art Studio or Junior Suite), you will discover that it is hard to part with this kind of comfort and the zen atmosphere. The Travelling Cookie-Hotels_Life Gallery Athens_Athens
The state of the art lighting system installed throughout the room will help you enter a relaxed state of mind. The soft glow of light emanating from the headboards, (depicting beautiful images), and the calm neon lights at the entrance of the bathrooms can only add to the overall positive vibe atmosphere.
I particularly enjoyed the low, Japanese style beds and comfortable, yet firm mattresses. Having a great night’s sleep, quiet from all city noise, I woke up feeling refreshed. It felt as if I had slept at least 2-3 hours more than I actually did. This feeling of relaxation, combined with a revitalising shower using high-end products, worked up my appetite for breakfast.

There are balconies in every room, and I decided to utilise this rare opportunity, (not found in most city hotels), and order from Room Service for my breakfast. The glass panel front here is one of my very favourite features. Sensors in the panels can actually detect moisture, (rain), and remain closed, maintaining a pleasant temperature to sit in and listen to the soothing sound of falling rain. I took advantage of the sun and played with the controls to open them and listen to the birds outside. What a happy start of my day, followed by a full scrumptious breakfast and great tasting coffee.
I forgot once more that I was still within the borders of Athens.


Other Spaces

A great way to end a busy day in the centre of Athens is to visit the ‘Kool Life’ bar of Life Gallery Athens. I much prefer to sit on the bar stools when having a drink and what an inviting bar this is. With its polished, red glass top Life Gallery Athens Hoteland its horseshoe shape, you have a full view of the staff preparing intricate cocktails with great flair and professionalism.
I didn’t have the opportunity to eat at the ‘Kool Life’ restaurant on this occasion. The fine dining, Meditteranean cuisine is one of my very favourites, and a must do next time I will be staying at Life Gallery Athens.


Summing it up

Life Gallery Athens Hotel is the sort of place where one visit or overnight stay will never be enough. Several words remain in your soul for a considerable amount of time after your visit here. Calm, comfort, rejuvenation are some of them. Hoping to revisit soon, I am confident that this vocabulary will extend even further with one or two spa treatments in the ‘Ananea Wellness by Orloff experts’ centre.
Combining a stay here while exploring the exciting and busy city centre has been a total game changer for me. Being next to the trendy shopping suburb of Kifissia, and driving through the affluent neighbourhood of Ekali, gives you an entirely different view of what Athens can be.
It is an experience not to be missed if you really want to feel a different side of Athens. Discover a side that not too many people are aware exists, and I only have Life Gallery Athens to thank for this!

More pictures of Life Gallery Athens – click to enlarge!

Pictures are courtesy of Life Gallery Athens ©



    • Andonis Radistis Reply

      It really is a beautiful property. You can truly relax while there enjoying its zen atmosphere, great drinks, spa and superb food. Let me know when you go there so I can advise you of some nearby places to visit as well 🙂

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