Last updated on November 2nd, 2022

Work with Me

Thanks for visiting me here! I am absolutely honoured to collaborate and have you work with me.

By now you have hopefully gained insight into some of the things that move me in life by reading the About Me page.There are many ways you can work with me and The Travelling Cookie, but I feel that I must inform you about a few things first. 🙂

The project will need to fit in with my travel blog and always benefit my readers. After all, this is the purpose of all this hard work.

You need to have in mind that for any sponsored content, my views will always be unbiased towards my readers. So if I feel that it is not up to standard, it may not result in a positive write up.

If it’s for a good cause – even better. I strongly support and admire organisations that are trying hard to save our fragile world. People that have made it their life’s mission to make this a better world, so you and I can travel and roam the world, (see here).

Here are some of the many projects we can work on:

You can have a look here and here for some inspiration and a sample of my work. As you may have guessed, I absolutely love experiencing a good stay and then rave about it. After all, my professional background is in hotels the world over.

Eating and drinking are a huge part of a travel experience. They are what spices up our travels. Whether you are an established-world famous restaurant, taverna, bar or cafe, or striving to get those first international travellers cross over your threshold, I will be very happy to spread the world around. If I feel good about it, my readers will do!

Anything that will benefit my readers and make a traveller’s life easier. If it improves a traveller’s experience and can hold up to its promise – I’m up for it!

This is a huge motivator for me. Organisations that are saving our planet have my huge respect. I will be extremely honoured to help in any way I can.

Whether they are photo essays that can lead to a successful travel promotion of your town or tour that you may offer for example. Photography is one of my passions and if it can inspire my readers, you guessed it – I’m up for it!

I do love getting involved with building new websites/blogs. My ultimate tool is WordPress of course. You can see more about this in the credits in the footer of this blog, or click here to be directed to my temporary page on Web Design. So if your site or blog is in need of a desperate make-over, or you need to start over, I will be delighted to help you and get involved.

These are just some of the ways you and I can work together. I am always open to suggestions of course. Every proposition will be taken into serious consideration so we can both benefit from each other and produce something beautiful, meaningful and inspiring for our loyal readers.

Drop me a line at my email and let me know what you have in mind.

Once again, thank you for stopping by, and looking forward to working with you 🙂